Hello everyone, yesterday, after teaching everyone how to choose the embroidery thread, many people are asking about the embroidered cloth. How do you embroider the cloth as an embroidered cross-stitch for so many years?

Today, a little sister who just embroidered a cross stitch with us asked us how to choose a cross-stitch embroidered cloth. As a person who came over, it would definitely not be abandoning her not to tell her. Come and come, the novice will enter the pit. Come over, many people who are the originators of cross-stitch, don’t pick me up here, after all, I just share my own experience.

The embroidered cloth of the cross-stitch is grid-like, the square eye is square and square, and there are many kinds of cloth materials, such as ordinary cotton cloth, plastic cloth, linen cloth, etc., the material can be based on the pattern of your own embroidery and your own preferences. select.

Comparison and identification of various cross stitch fabrics

1. Let’s first talk about the DMC that everyone knows. DMC’s embroidered cloth doesn’t need me to say more. France DMC is the world’s leading manufacturer of cross-stitch handicrafts and embroidered cotton.

Their cloth is a bit numb and feels thin. With two yarns in the upper two wefts, the four cotton yarns are thin and the tightness is not strong. The embroidered fabric feels soft. Can be used as a base fabric or waste cloth.

2, Germany cross stitch cloth hole is smaller than DMC, feels thicker, not as hard as DMC, with two yarns in the upper two yarns under the warp and weft textile method, four cotton yarns are slightly thicker and more compact. The fabric feels soft after embroidering.

3, is the Korean cross stitch cloth that many people will choose, the size of the hole is centered, the feel is thin and soft, but because of the price has become the first choice of many people!

4, suitable for beginners domestic cross stitch cloth edge, a little soft but cotton yarn is a rough effect, but this cloth is not suitable for decoration, too easy to pilling, beginners take a good choice to practice.