When we buy clothes, we often encounter the problem of how to buy. When you buy clothes, you must first understand the characteristics of the clothes made of different materials, and then choose according to your own needs. Xiaobian to introduce the five common fabric materials and their characteristics, know their characteristics, we have to choose.

First, cotton fabric

Cotton fabric refers to a fabric woven from cotton yarn or cotton and cotton-type chemical fiber blended yarn. The elastic fabric is called knitted cotton, and the non-elastic yarn is called woven cotton. We generally refer to woven cotton as cotton. Cotton fabrics generally have the following characteristics:

Soft to the touch, good breathability and moisture absorption.The fiber elasticity is poor, and the fabric is easily deformed and wrinkled.It is easy to age and yellow hair, and has poor abrasion resistance and dyeing.In terms of warmth retention, cotton fiber is a poor conductor of heat. The inner cavity of cotton fiber is filled with non-flowing air, does not generate static electricity, has good gas permeability and is easy to clean.

Second, hemp fabric

Hemp fabric refers to hemp fiber woven fabric and its blended or woven fabric, which can be divided into pure spinning and blending.

The hemp fabric has the characteristics of high strength, good hygroscopicity and strong heat conduction, and its strength ranks first among natural fibers.The dyeing performance of the linen is good, the color is bright, and it is not easy to fade.It is not sensitive to alkali or acid. Mercury can occur in caustic soda to enhance strength and gloss. After a short time in dilute acid, it will not change substantially.It has good anti-fungal properties and is not susceptible to moisture and mildew.

Third, wool fabric

Wool fabric is made of animal hair as the main raw material. It is mainly made of wool. It is a high-grade garment fabric all year round. It has good elasticity, anti-wrinkle, wear-resisting, warmth, comfortable and beautiful. Good color and other advantages, welcomed by consumers.