During the hot summer, many of my friends felt sweaty when they walked a little, and even drenched their clothes. Therefore, friends hope that summer clothing can bring a feeling of cool and breathable, rather than the kind of clothes that are very hot and suffocating. How do you choose the right fabric for summer clothing? Xiaobian uses his own experience to share with friends as follows.

To choose silk fabrics.

      Silk fabric is a kind of natural fabric. It is a fibrin silk spit out from silkworms. The textile fabric is very comfortable, breathable and cool. The silk protein also has a health effect on the skin. It is recommended that summer clothing be the first choice for silk fabrics. The disadvantage is that it feels very scratchy when worn, and needs to be ironed before each wash.

Linen fabrics can be selected.

     As a kind of natural fabric, linen fabric has always been welcomed by friends. The linen fabric is breathable and absorbs sweat, and it always maintains a proper distance from the skin. Even when sweating, it will not fit close to the body. This is the biggest difference between linen and silk fabrics. The disadvantage is that it is easy to wrinkle, but after washing It will be as smooth as ever.

The most cost-effective cotton fabric.

      Cotton fabrics have the most cost-effective features, although the breathability is slightly inferior to silk and linen, but because of the affordable price, it is one of the fabrics that friends prefer. Compared with woven fabrics, knitted cotton fabric garments have the characteristics of good elasticity and not easy to be deformed, and are more popular among friends.