As a brand that manages cashmere, Hengyuanxiang is online, and it is like a solid color pile-up sweater. The simple solid color is more temperament. Pure cashmere fabric is used. Warm and comfortable are all around you. .

This cashmere yarn can be selected in a variety of colors, classic black and white ash, gentle and fresh light tones can easily meet your fashion needs, and with a pile of collar design, can better highlight the gentle and feminine temperament, and What can’t be ignored is its warmth effect.

The first thing I have to mention here is the material of this sweater. The cashmere (cashmere) is 100%. Compared with other cotton, mohair, acrylic and other materials, the cashmere has a softer touch. Exquisite, the wearing experience will be more comfortable.

Of course, in addition to the texture of comfortable and soft fabrics, the pure color-based sweater also has its unique highlights, that is, the stylish pile of collar design, not only can perfectly fit the neck, but also modify the face and show the elegant curve of the neck. So whether it is single or in-suit.

What’s not to be missed is the details. The cuffs and the hem are thread-knitted, which reduces the heat loss and has an aesthetic effect. It also makes the overall look less monotonous.

There is no need for extra decorative design, it can be easily controlled in a variety of casual occasions, and the slimming effect is also good. It can be beautiful and beautiful, and it can be said to be a good choice for warmth and good looks.