Cotton cloth is the general name of all kinds of cotton textiles, and many fabrics are collectively called (cotton cloth). Cotton is mostly used in fashion, jackets, casual wear, underwear and shirts. . . . The advantage of cotton cloth is that it is easy to keep warm, soft and close to the body without hammer, cotton cloth is hygroscopic and breathable. The shortcoming of cotton cloth is that it is easy to shrink and wrinkle. It is not beautiful and neat in appearance. It must be ironed and kept flat when it is put up in the closet.linen:

Linen cloth

The burlap fabric is a kind of burlap material which is made by several kinds of hemp plant fibers such as hemp, sisal, ramie, abaca, linen, jute and the like. Burlap fabrics are generally used to make workwear, casual wear, and buckled Chinese style garments. At present, many summer fabrics are made from horse fabrics. Burlap has the advantages of high strength, good moisture absorption, good heat conductivity and good air permeability. Summer clothes are suitable. The disadvantage of linen is that it is not very comfortable to wear, it is a bit hard and the cotton is soft and has a rough and sturdy appearance.

Silk is made of silk as raw material, and various colors, various patterns, and silk fabrics are called silk. Silk is basically the same as cotton. Silk has many varieties and different personalities. Silk can be used to make a variety of clothing or fashion, especially suitable for men’s Tang suits, women’s fashion, national costumes, Tang suits, Chinese style clothing. Its strengths are light, thin, soft, breathable, fit, smooth, shiny, elegant, colorful, and comfortable to wear. The shortcomings of silk are easy to produce wrinkles, not strong enough, easy to absorb (sticking), fading faster (easy to fade).