What fabrics are used in underwear? With the improvement of everyone’s life, the pursuit of clothes is also more and more high-end, then today I will give you a talk about underwear fabric selection, how to choose a comfortable fabric.


 Velvet fabricLonger than cotton, but later used in underwear is velvet fabric. Velvet has the elegance and luxury that cotton does not have. The natural smoothness of velvet is also short of Lycra. With French lace or Swiss embroidery and velvet for a little decoration, you can reach the rich effect, I am afraid that any kind of fabric is difficult to do.

  Cotton fabricThe most comfortable fabric is still cotton, and the most common use of underwear is cotton. Today’s ladies are still eccentric in cotton underwear, which of course is due to the unique breathability and naturalness of the cotton itself, so that the wearing touch is not the same as other fabrics. From the aesthetic point of view, the printing effect of plain woven cotton and the dyeing effect of knitted cotton have a natural simplicity and fragrant smell, which is difficult to replace for other fabrics.

  Other fabric Polyester, spandex, nylon chemical fiber materials, although less elastic than Lycra, but still have the characteristics of hygroscopicity, non-deformation, flexibility, etc., can not be replaced by Lycra.