What fabric raincoat is good ? On rainy days, riding a cable car, motorcycle raincoat is essential, there are a lot of people will go out when it rains raincoat, umbrella abandon inconvenient, that in the end raincoat fabric of what good do? Today, Xiaobian took everyone into the rainy day and walked into the raincoat.

What fabric raincoat is good ? Raincoats are rain-proof garments made from waterproof fabrics. Waterproof fabrics for raincoats include tape, tarpaulin and plastic film. There are many kinds of raincoat fabrics. There are mainly four kinds of fabrics. Different fabrics have different advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take a look at the common fabrics of raincoats and their characteristics.

What fabric raincoat is good – waterproof and breathable cloth

Waterproof and moisture permeable cloth is a new type of textile fabric processed by polymer waterproof and breathable material. It is not only convenient to adjust the thickness and firmness of the fabric through the combination of fabrics with different compositions, but also aggregates the advantages of different fabrics and applies them in life. Very extensive.

What fabric raincoat is good – Oxford cloth

Oxford cloth is relatively simple to make, but it has a wide variety of items, the most common of which are set, full-elastic, nylon, and Tig. The high quality oxford cloth has many advantages such as comfortable ventilation, soft hand feeling, convenient handling and fast dehydration.

What fabric raincoat is good – cotton

Mianlun is also called nylon. It is a kind of fiber fabric which is very common in life and production. The advantages of cotton fabric are mainly in the aspects of good wear resistance, high strength, moderate elasticity and good moisture absorption.

What fabric raincoat is good – polyester

Polyester is the Chinese name for polyester fiber, and it is definitely one of the most well-known synthetic fibers in life. High-quality polyester fiber is often used in textile fabrics to produce all kinds of garments and industrial products. Moreover, the production materials of polyester are easy to obtain, the process is simple, the cost is very low, and the price of goods is naturally low, which is an important factor for its rapid occupation of the market.

What fabrics of raincoats are good, modern raincoats have more and more fabrics and styles, such as splashing cloth and seaweed (PVC) raincoats are also popular in the market, but no matter how changed, raincoats have a nature that has never changed. That is, the raindrops will quickly gather into a small waterdrop and then flow away. This is the reason why the raincoat is waterproof.

What fabric raincoat is good? Regardless of the raincoat of any material, pay attention to the following issues when purchasing:

1. Workmanship: Raincoat work is very important. If the stitch length of the raincoat is too large, the stitching height is inconsistent, the seal is not up to standard, and the anti-leakage treatment is not used, then the rain is very easy to seep.

2, style: raincoat style generally long body meaning, split raincoat and cloak raincoat (poncho), one-piece (long paragraph) easy to wear, but poor waterproof, split-type waterproof, poncho suitable for cycling (electric bicycles, bicycles, etc.).

3, breathability: raincoats should be fully considered for comfort and breathability. If the raincoat is only rainproof, but not airtight, then when the seal covers the human body, the heat in the body can not be discharged, and the outside is hot and hot, forming water and oozing the lining inside the raincoat.

4, size: the size of the raincoat is not the same, it is recommended that consumers should compare the size table when purchasing the raincoat, it is best to try on, try to buy a larger one, so even if the winter clothes are worn more Available.

5, coating: the basic principle of raincoat waterproof is fabric + coating, common coating types are PVC (polyvinyl chloride), PU, ​​EVA and so on. Raincoats are easily in contact with the skin. To avoid irritating the skin, EVA-coated raincoats are recommended.

6, color: Now there are many colors of raincoats, and the style is changeable, there are British style, retro wave point, solid color, color, etc., when choosing raincoats, you can consider clothing mix and personal preferences.