Cashmere can only be extracted from goats, and only sheep can be obtained from sheep. In the plateau alpine region, every winter, in order to protect the cold goats, thin cashmere will be born, and will fall off automatically in the spring, then use a comb to lightly grasp. But there are a lot of impurities in it, and further “sorting” can get real cashmere raw materials. The acquisition of cashmere is so difficult that it has the title of “soft gold”. The so-called cashmere fabric, as its name suggests, refers to fabrics made from cashmere. Cashmere is rich in a variety of amino acids, so cashmere fabric has a very high skin-friendly; in addition, its color is softer and more beautiful and easy to color; secondly, the fineness of cashmere fiber is about 15 microns, so the fabric texture is dense and thin, and Naturally curled, light and airy, it keeps warm; finally, cashmere has good moisture absorption and breathability, and it is comfortable to wear, with a unique touch and rich natural flavor.

Is cashmere fabric ok?

First of all, cashmere is rich in a variety of amino acids, very friendly to the skin, it is suitable for close-fitting, whether it is clothing, scarves or quilts. Secondly, the origin of cashmere, we also know that its warmth is unquestionable, especially warm. In addition, the cashmere fiber is very small, and the cashmere products are mostly light and breathable, especially the cashmere sweater, which can be said to be a must-have item. Cashmere texture is soft, delicate, smooth, shiny and so on. It is known as “soft gold”. The higher the cashmere content of the woven fabric, the more expensive the cashmere fiber enjoys its soft, light, soft and slippery characteristics. The name of the fiber gemstone. All beautiful things are generally fragile and need more care. Cashmere products can’t be washed by washing machine, drying can’t be hooked, everyone should pay attention to it~

The characteristics of cashmere are summarized as: difficult to obtain, precious as gold; soft texture, soft luster; light and warm; comfortable and flexible. Although cashmere is very warm, it should be taken very seriously when using it. Some people are keeping cashmere quilts like cotton quilts because of lack of experience. I don’t know that the two quilts have very big differences. This requires the manufacturer to do more detailed work, such as what precautions, cleaning methods, etc. can be added at the time of sewing.